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About Us

Our School

As a school we are very conscious of our mission to provide your son or daughter with more than just academic success. We are a school with principles and standards based on sound moral ethics.

At Neander School, we know that children learn best when they are happy, therefore we have provided a stimulating learning environment where all students can achieve, whatever their ability or aptitude. We aim to provide our students not only with academic success but also with experiences that will develop their individuality, confidence and skills, so that they are ready to benefit from the opportunities and challenges of the 21st century..

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Our Mission Statement

We seek to provide high quality education that is inspired by sound Christian values in a safe, secure and supportive learning environment where each student can develop the skills and knowledge to become a responsible and successful citizen.

Our Core Values

Every student is a valued member of our school and is encouraged to grow in our community which lives by the values of love, compassion and respect for one another. We also support the traditional values of good manners and hard work and expect all our students to imbibe these values thereby becoming responsible and productive citizens of the society.