• January 19, 2024


Dear Esteemed Parents,

As we embark on a new term and a brand-new year, I am thrilled to welcome each and everyone of you back to our vibrant school community. We are energized by the possibilities that lie ahead.

This term, our focal point is discipline—an essential pillar that propels us toward growth and tangible results. Together, we embrace the power of discipline in studies, interactions, and personal development. It is through disciplined efforts that we carve the path to success and make significant strides in our academic and personal endeavors.

We encourage our students to approach this term with dedication, focus, and a commitment to excellence. We are here to provide support to one another in fostering a disciplined and positive learning environment.

Here's to a term filled with achievements, growth, and the collective pursuit of excellence?

Here are a few of the new exciting academic programs we are exploring this term

Neander International School is buzzing with enthusiasm as we unveil an array of groundbreaking academic programs in the current term. These initiatives are designed not only to impart knowledge but to create a tapestry of unique learning experiences, fostering intellectual growth and holistic development among our students. Allow us to take you on a journey through some of the captivating educational offerings that define our commitment to excellence this semester.

1.) Diverse School Clubs:

   - Young Readers Club - Read a Book Per Week Challenge:

     Embark on a literary adventure with our Young Readers Club as we inspire students to delve into a new book each week. This initiative not only builds their vocabulary but also nurtures their mindset, fostering engagement and a love for reading.

   - Young Chef Club:

     Transforming aspiring chefs into confident, resilient individuals and potential world record breakers, our Young Chef Club brings world-class culinary coaching to the forefront.

   - Entrepreneurship Club:

     Beyond crafting, we are empowering students with entrepreneurial skills. This term, students learn not just to create crafts but also to foster the mindset of successful young entrepreneurs.

2.) Project-Based Learning - Solve a Problem a Day:

   Embracing a project-based learning approach, we challenge every student to apply their classroom knowledge to solve real-world problems or embark on innovative projects.

3.) Holistic Counseling and Guidance:

   - Group Counseling, Individual Counseling, and Career Guidance Sessions:

     Prioritizing mental health, we offer comprehensive counseling services tailored to group and individual needs. Our career guidance sessions provide valuable insights for future endeavors.

   -Gender-Based Assemblies:

     Addressing diverse perspectives and fostering inclusivity, our gender-based assemblies create an open forum for discussions and awareness.

4.) Oratory and Presentation Skills Development:

   - Diction and Public Speaking Classes:

     Cultivating effective communication, our classes focus on diction and public speaking, honing students' abilities to express themselves with confidence.


Students are encouraged to showcase their skills through various presentations, enhancing their ability to articulate thoughts and ideas.

5.) Internship and Work Experience Program:

   Offering practical exposure, our Year 10 students engage in internship and work experience programs, bridging the gap between theoretical knowledge and real-world application. Please check your mails for updates.

6.) Community Service:  Engaging in community service is a distinctive opportunity for our students to actively demonstrate their qualities of citizenship, confidence, and a sense of responsibility. This hands-on experience not only allows them to contribute positively to the community but also plays a pivotal role in shaping their character.

7.) Competitions and Beyond:

   From academic competitions to a myriad of experiential opportunities, our students are immersed in activities that provide them with a world-class experience and exposure.

8.) Parents Morning Workshop: We believe that a strong partnership between parents and the school is essential for the success of our students. During the workshop, we will discuss effective ways we can set our children up for success and other academic programs to encourage open communication with your child. This workshop is designed to provide valuable insights and practical strategies to empower you in supporting your child's academic and personal growth.

Neander International School is not just an institution; it's a dynamic platform where education goes beyond textbooks, shaping well-rounded individuals ready to conquer the challenges of the future.

Best regards,

  • Tolu Asumah 
  • Principal
  • Neander International School